Climate Controlled

Ultra-quiet and efficient mini-split air conditioner system providing both cooling and heating capabilities.

Optional Connectivity

Choose from Wi-Fi or 4G LTE access to help you stay connected.

Optional Security Cameras

Choose from a variety of high quality 2-4 PTZ auto-trakcing dome cameras, mounted on 28-foot vertical tower. The IP cameras can be monitored via smartphones or PC/Mac.

Expandable Solar Systems

Choose from 1.3, 2.6, 3.9, 5.2, or 6.5 kWh systems



King Solarman provides rapid deployment mobile office solution for off-the-grid environment.


The solar container office solution is durable, modular, and portable, allowing you to quickly setup a powered and climate-controlled room, virtually anywhere in the world. (provided there is sunshine there)


Rapid deployment

Full power and climate controlled in 2-3 hours


100% Off-the-grid capable

Any location

Deployed via trucks, trains, ships, and planes

No pollution and no fuel required

Complete solar-powered, self-sustaining, saving fuel costs


Temporary Field Office

Mobile offices are popularly used for temporary purposes and are highly customizable. They come with our popular solar trailers that provide 120/240V power hookup, as well as air-conditioning and heating. They are self-contained and sets up within 2 hours once arrived via sea, air, rail, or truck.


We rapidly deploy air-conditioned, solar-powered container offices to any location that does not have a stable power supply, allowing for better security and comfort whether it is for a long-term or short-term project. The container offices are customizable, with multitude of interior and solar options available.

Pop-up Retail

Set up retail showrooms quickly with modular retail buildings to showcase products and attract crowds. Complete with air-conditioning/heating, and solar power, the mobile showroom is clean and quiet, providing the perfect environment for your unique retail needs.

Law Enforcement/Security

For border patrols or event security, a mobile office provides the convenience of an on-site operational center and first-aid station. Optional PTZ security cameras and 20k/40k lumens LED lights mounted on 20ft masts with 50/100 hours of LED run time offers a secured & monitored surrounding regardless of location. Each solar powered container office is self-powered and is a budget-friendly solution for any events.


For rapid deployments and forward operating bases, solar container offices are the ideal solutions. Reduce the reliant on fuel by choosing a solar powered container office that is silent and does not require trenching. Our solar lighting towers and containers are made in the USA and has had successful deployments with the US Navy and NASA.

Disaster Relief

Solar powered container offices can be rapidly deployed to any location on land via sea, rail, or truck to provide quick relief to disaster stricken areas. The container offices are accompanied by one or multiple solar towers that can also provide additional, clean, silent, energy production to the area without needing fuel. Each tower provides LED lighting covering 700-1000 square feet of area as well as 9.6/20kWh of battery run-time. 



King Solarman is the premier provider of the industry's best solar panels and solar-powered solutions with the best prices. Most of our products are sourced globally and assembled in USA to the highest quality level with over 10 years of proven track records. Solar power solutions for your home or business/corporate has never been easier or more affordable!


Since 2008, King Solarman has been providing quality, affordable, industry-leading solar panels, solar inverters, solar mountings, LED Lighting, solar water heater, solar trailer, off-grid products, 100% solar finance, Tax Equity Investment, and Solar Project Development to customers worldwide. One of our industry leading solar trailer product has had over 650 successful deployments with over 50 large corporations (Fortune 500 companies) and various governmental departments and armed forces branches.


With our joint-ventures with industry’s key infrastructure, financial, and technology partners, we're able to leverage better offerings of quality and prices and still provide the best support you seek locally, here in the USA. We're then able to pass the savings on to the consumer, and be the one-stop shop for all your solar projects; from a small personal solar install to a massive corporate campus, King Solarman is your #1 choice for the job.



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